L-U-C-A-S, Lucas!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Another action by L which caught me by surprise. I didn't realise that he can actually sign his name! He knew how to spell his name since a few months ago, and on Sunday, he looked at me, and signed his name, then pointed to himself and said "two years old!"

Yes... the little boy is coming two years old :)

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  1. forgot to tell you, that day, when ch and him were having a minor dispute, i was trying to distract him while sue talked to ch, i took the Mac's party hat my sis brought to church to show him. i asked him to wear it and we can play "happy birthday party" together.
    he took a look at the hat (remember there were names in front?) and said "no, that is not Lucas, it is Eva"!!!!
    I was so surprised. Cos he read her name on the hat!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. Meixiang, how did you teach him?

  3. He's amazing!!! Hmm...I must start singing songs to Eva and Elias. That would be a fun way to learn! :o)

  4. Looking through this video makes me miss this cute phase of L!


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