When T and J came over

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our dear friends were so nice to babysit Ch and L a couple of weeks ago as both ZY and I had to work on that particular Saturday. We offered to return the favour any time they want. So, last Saturday, we babysat T and J. A very nice experience I must say! My house was filled with noise and laughter, but it was really fun to see four children playing together so happily, age ranging from 2yo to 7yo!

First, T played Chinese Chess on my iPhone. He enthusiastically tried to explain how the computer's strategy was, and how he planned to counter-attack. The poor Godma did not really understand him, but tried my best to appear intelligent.

Next, the boys watched cartoons. That was how I got to know about Beyblade cartoon and toys.  T and J shared their passion about this cartoon with me, though I knew nothing about it. Boys, you'll appreciate telling me about this VERY SOON... After that was Ben 10 cartoon. Something else that was so alien to me.

At that point, I really felt a generation gap between them and I. It made me feel like I'm some old dinosaur. But I enjoyed the conversations with them, as I learnt more about what they like, and what L might possibly like in the next few years.

We had a few rounds of soccer outside my flat just before lunch. From this game, it was clear who's more ambitious in winning, who's more shy and who's more "ga-rang".

We had home-made sushi for lunch! One of our family's favourite food. Even L and Ch love sushi. Ch's favourite is salmon sashimi, while L's is the ikura (salmon) roe. Kids wrapped their own sushi, but T's ended up as a 'popiah', and J's became sushi balls! I had a variety of sushi fillings such as the hot favourite tamago egg, ham, Japanese cucumber, carrot strips, Japanese pickles, cheese, pork floss, ikura roe, salmon sashimi and flying shrimp roe.

Samples of my self-rolled maki:

After lunch, all the kids played their own games. Like L and J rode on the twister car, T and Ch jumped on the trampoline, and J and Ch played some board games. I guess the favourite game they all played was the Nintendo DS Lite.

Looking forward to another babysitting session!

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  1. wah, it looks very very fun!
    i love the lunch spread, very colourful, very delicious-looking! droooooool..
    i think they can't wait to go again, just like how J wanted to stay for dinner today, haha.

  2. I was quite surprised that he wanted to stay! I even told him what we'll be eating for dinner, and that he must finish whatever I give him, if he wants to stay. And he was willing to do that! Haha!! J and Ch make good playmates :)

    Oh... on our way to the zoo today, somehow, J and Ch started talking about being mommies and daddies in the future. So funny! Ch said that she likes being a mommy, and J added that he wants to be a daddy. Then J continued to explain that a boy and girl can only be married if they stay together long enough (or something like that), etc... I didn't really catch the whole conversation. L was quite quiet throughout the journey, maybe coz the conversation sounded so 'adult' haha!


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