A poem for Ch

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[Reminiscing the past]

Many years ago, when Ch was probably about 3 years old, we met our friend - Phillip - for the first time at the church where we worship. The funny thing was, Ch wasn't stranger-shy at all and started talking to our ang-moh friend. She even invited him to our place and gave him directions which probably wouldn't lead him to the right apartment if he had follow those instructions. Ch was (still is, but her shyness level has increased) a natural at holding conversations with any adult. I guess our friend must have been very amused by her innocence and mega cuteness then. 

A poem written by our friend - Phillip V.

For Charlene -- 

“I’m going to a beautiful land.”
Was the song I heard her sing. 
And as I wondered about this place.
My thoughts were on Charlene.

There is wonder, in a little girl
That is innocent and sweet.
And in her song she reminded me
Of the things I’d like to be. 

The whimsy of the song she played.
Knowing the support she would receive. 
It didn’t matter what words came out
When she said them, we all believed. 

Those simple words rolled off her tongue, 
Some words we’d call “nonsense” 
But in the heart and the voice of a child. 
We were all held in suspense. 

Just saying words, straight from her heart
Knowing that nobody cared, 
If she messed up, or missed a note
She’s a child and would be spared. 

No ridicule from jeering eyes. 
No harsh words would come her way. 
For we all believe in a beautiful land
And we all hope to go some day. 

And yet I think of her growing up, 
And perhaps stifling her “art” 
and losing hope and tenderness, 
And pushing aside her heart. 

Losing the whimsy of a child
To be “serious” and “smart.” 
But wouldn’t it be Oh - so nice
If we all had Charlene’s heart? 

So a lesson was learned at least by me
While listening to her song…
Charlene, thanks for teaching me, 
You’re my inspiration - Rock On. 

Uncle Phillip

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