Happy 49th birthday, Singapore!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Today is our nation's birthday! We are wearing red, just like what we do every year, to show our pride and love for Singapore! And the taste of pride was even sweeter when we saw fellow Singaporeans donning their red and white attire on our way for a morning picnic with our friends. This evening, we will also be waiting to watch the National Day Parade celebrations on TV, just like we have always done.

Having fun playing with acrobatic sets!

Our National Day picnic group photo! 

This year, my wish for Singapore is to continue to have success and prosperity, as well as the peace and security we have always enjoyed. In the past, we didn't have to worry for our safety when we walked along the streets at night, and we shouldn't have to, in the future too. May our leaders to continue to be impartial, reliable and true to their promise for the nation. There has been a lot of talk about the younger generation being too vocal about their displeasure for our government. Though I agree with some of the displeasures brought up, to be fair, many of our leaders have been delivering good works. 

To my children, it is my wish that you will remember the good things and opportunities that Singapore has to offer instead of focussing on what we lack and grumbling about it. I hope that wherever you may be in the future, you will continue to love Singapore, and to feel proud to be a Singaporean just like how you are now. Work hard for yourself and for God, and be a useful citizen, remembering that no one owes you a living. We have to create the future we want to see in Singapore ourselves. I also pray that you will grow to be a gracious citizen and contribute back to the society, especially for the disadvantaged, to your best ability. 

K joining in the fun while we watch the NDP!

To my ex-students, it is comforting to know that many of you are doing well after your secondary school years, be it in your studies or careers. This is what your teachers have always emphasized and wish for, and I am happy that I have a little part to play in grooming the future of Singapore. I have benefitted from many of my ex-students through their course of work. For example, one is a capable nurse at NUH and took good care of K when she was hospitalised. One is a pre-school teacher whom in her own ways, encourage and remind me that everyone is unique, and that all can succeed. We just have to be patient with the progress. I pray that all of you will continue to do your best in whatever you do, and remember that you are the future of Singapore!

This is home truly, 
where I know I must be. 
Where my dreams wait for me,
where the river always flows. 

What wishes do you have for Singapore? Do share them with me!

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