All about K: She is THREE!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Birthdays mark the end of a year of growth and development, a year of experiences, and a joyous start to the next year. Our family celebrated K's 3-year-old birthday yesterday, and this special day reminds us of the mercy and love our Heavenly Father has shown us since her birth, and especially for the past one year when she was hospitalised at the paediatric ICU twice. That was a total of 76 days being critically ill. 

Our princess warrior survived Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), kidney dialysis, chest tube insertion, intubations and ventilated using the High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV), numerous X-rays, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations (CPR) performed on her, countless pricks for various blood tests and multiple insertion of feeding tubes through her nose into her stomach/small intestines - all these just in the last one year. I did a count on the number of medical specialists who help us manage her physical health currently - she sees the cardiac specialist, the respiratory specialist, gastroenterology specialist, renal specialist, eye specialist, ENT specialist for her ear, neurology specialist and her paediatrician who oversees her development. Not forgetting her endearing team of dietician and therapists for physiotherapy and feeding. I still need to add on a speech therapist for her speech and language development and an occupational therapist (both roles assumed by me for now). That is a loooong list of medical staff she sees!

Despite all these, K has repeatedly reminded us of God's promise for us that we are able to bear all these challenges and overcome them. Yes, we cried and were saddened each time she was critically ill with pneumonia. We almost stopped breathing when her oxygen dropped so low that she had to be given CPR to be resuscitated. We pained each day when she was on ECMO as well as being ventilated by the breathing tube. But each time, we continued to hold on to God, and we know that God hears our prayers and knows our pain too, and His plans will always be the best for K. 

Each time K was critically ill in the PICU, she emerged stronger - not in terms of physical strength, but by her fighting spirit. Each time, she fought on harder, and overcame those hurdles in her life. The first time she stayed at PICU last year, she started doing the four-point crawl, a movement she didn't display for many months despite many physiotherapy sessions. The second time she stayed at the PICU in Feb this year, she was able to vocalize more sounds after her discharge. This recent admission left her physically the weakest. She did not have the strength to lift her head and arms, roll over or even sit up for many weeks. But slowly, little by little, she cooperated with me to complete her exercises and regained much of her strength to prove that she can. 

She is also a very observant child, and imitates us well. She "uses" the stethoscope in a rather professional way, "checks" her temperature with the ear thermometer, and even knows that the sensor of the pulse oximeter should be fixed onto her finger for it to work! To my horror, I even caught her turning the control knob of the oxygen concentrator (a machine that delivers a concentrated level of oxygen to her) just like how I do it. 

As we continue to walk this journey with K, to support her in whatever ways she needs, we pray that she will continue to shine her light for God to encourage the people around her, to continue her joyful outlook and not feel burdened by any factor that can weigh her spirits down, and to always look to God when she needs the strength to overcome any challenge. We are thankful to everyone who has played a part in her life to make it better, and happier for her. 

Happy birthday, K! 

PS. May I request for you to write a birthday wish or message to K? We will be reading all the birthday messages to her so that she knows she is so loved.

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  1. Dear K, You are such a brave princess warrior for Jesus! Your Daddy and Mummy love you so very much, and we are honoured to know you through them. Praying God's strength and protection for you as you begin your fourth year, and that He would continue to cause your little star to shine brightly for Him. He loves you very, very much. Keep going on the physiotherapy exercises, even though it's not fun all the time I suppose. Don't give up, K. You've come a long way! Happy birthday little girl. love Uncle Mel, Aunty Dotz, Kor kor David and Daryl.

  2. To the Lovely & Brave Kayleen,
    Happy 3rd birthday to Warrior Kayleen! You are really a BRAVE GIRL. You are my heroine.
    Warrior Kayleen is a strong fighter... with going through all the pain and you are still fighting strongly without any hestiation. Your strong determination has motivated and has encouraged me to fight like a warrior too.
    You are my sunshine, you are my warrior... I shall look upon you to fight bravely everyday.

  3. Happy birthday, brave and pretty little K! We are rooting for you, and God loves you more than you can ever ask for or imagine.

    Big hugs, and jiayou!! Aunty Lyn

  4. Dear Kayleen,
    Happy birthday little warrior princess. You've been a brave and strong girl and I pray that you continue to have a strong fighting spirit. Mummy says that you're a cheerful and happy little girl and may you continue to bring joy to others with your positivity. We are praying for you and may you grow strong, healthy and happy. Sending you our love. Love from Aunty Susan and Jie Jie Sophie.

  5. Hello K! You have a pair of lovely Daddy and Mummy, awesome siblings too. You've been really strong and brave in your journey. Reading about you keeps my spirit encouraged and lifted. Continue to shine for the Lord and stay blessed! Happy Birthday!

  6. Thank you K for taking up such a task from GOD to give us so many spiritual lessons! Thank you K and your Family to demonstrate this verse 2Cor12:10- "That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.", which may be pretty hard to comprehend. We believe GOD has great plans for you far ahead...and we eagerly awaits your return to Sundays' worship to exalt the Glory of GOD!
    May GOD's blessing be with you all!

    ~Uncle Ray

  7. Dear K,

    Happy 3rd Birthday! From the stories that your mummy shares, I can tell that you are a brave and smart little girl. I love hearing about how hard you have been working at your exercises. They inspire me to work harder at the things that I find hard too. I will pray that you will find strength in God when things are difficult. Love and Hugs, Aunty Jasmine

  8. I love this post! You have captured the moments and expressed yourself so beautifully. I miss you all! Happy Birthday to K!

  9. Dear little K,
    Happy Birthday! You are such a brave and strong little girl, and I am always encouraged when mummy blogs about you. I think your mummy and daddy are so very brave too! Remember that you are a beautiful example of God's grace, and I pray you'll continue to grow strong in God! Sending you virtual hugs!
    Aunty Jus

  10. Thank you everyone, for your birthday messages! I'll read these tomorrow. I read the ones on FB and she kept signing "more" after each message read, and smiled happily when she heard the words "Happy Birthday". It will be a one-week long birthday celebration for her cos she'll be hearing the birthday messages every day!

  11. Dear little K, you are indeed a warrior princess of our most high God. As you turn three, may you grow from strength to strength, from milestone to milestone. May you never say never, but always say I can, because of the God who is in you, and who is for you. You are such a blessing, perhaps more than you know.

    Love, aunty June

  12. Dear Kayleen, have a beautiful 3rd birthday!! You are one blessed princess to be surrounded by a mummy and daddy and gor gor and jie jie who all love you soooo much. And most of all, your Abba daddy in heaven loves you the most!! Continue to grow and be strong so that you can run and play freely!! happy birthday, sweetie!!
    love, ilona


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