Homemade MINION costume for girls

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Homemade Minion costume for girls by Simply Lambchops

Though Frozen is still very popular, and many girls I know would want to dress up as Queen Elsa, Ch chose to be a Minion from the Despicable Me movie as part of her costume for Children's Day in school. I secretly rejoiced with that choice as she has never really been the princessy type anyway. Plus, I highly suspected I would see plenty of Elsa(s), and I was right.

I wanted a costume that I can add my personal touch to. Ch wanted a yellow beanie with DIY goggles made out of toilet paper rolls, matched with a yellow top and a blue overall. But boy! It was really difficult to find a bright yellow beanie! They come in all sorts of colors except bright yellow! 

I gave up searching and decided to see what else is available online. 

And I found this! 

Imagine how excited I was! I wanted to challenge my crafting skills further, but was also hesitant as the last time I crocheted something was at least 20 years ago! And this would be the first time I crochet something in a 3D form. 

To add to the problem ...

Even buying the crochet hook and yarn was difficult. I was told to buy yarn which costs $26 for one roll! A beanie that cost $100 to crochet was totally out of my budget. In the end, I settle for acrylic yarn which I got at $2 from Daiso. The thickness of the yarn was probably not similar to what was suggested in the tutorial, hence the beanie looked a little off standard - the brown and white parts of the eyes looked unproportional. 

Click picture to go to Youtube tutorial

It took me about 3h to complete 7 rows of the beanie. It was difficult at the start as I had to re-crochet the first 3 rows THRICE. I couldn't figure how to do a double crochet and slip stitch. Fortunately, my persistence was worth it. It became much easier once I got the hang of it. The Youtube tutorial is excellent. I can rewind and replay as many times as I wanted to in order to get it right.

The other difficult part was to figure the number of single and double crochet for each row instead of just following the tutorial mechanically, so that the width of the beanie fits Ch's head. 

Match the beanie with a yellow top and a
blue overall, and top it off with black shoes to get
a happy Minion!

Even K wants to join in the fun!

I added a smile at the side of the beanie to complete the look after the celebration. This project certainly allows me to realise how much I can achieve by persevering through the process. It was also a learning point for Ch as she knew I found it difficult at the start, and saw how I coped with my frustrations. While allowing my irritation to take over my emotions at the start, Ch said this as a-matter-of-factly, "So now you know why I was so frustrated when I did my rainbow loom last time?" That sentence stopped me immediately. Thank you Ch, for that timely reminder. There were so many moments where I got angry with you, for being frustrated when you couldn't figure out the next step while doing the loom bands. Yes, now I know, and I am able to understand you better too.

I am definitely pleased with the finished product cos it's made with love for Ch. 

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  1. Wow super impressive - you sure picked a challenging one for a first project! It looks awesome. :)


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