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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Before the start of every school year, I usually do what all parents have to do - prepare the books, stationery, lunch boxes and water bottles the children need for school, and labeling them. It is definitely a must to label the child's personal items that are brought to school, and the younger the children are, the more important this task is. It's amazing how often they can carelessly lose a file, a water-bottle or even shoes.

Yes. You heard me right. Shoes!
L ever came home from kindy with a different pair of shoes as his was taken by another friend.

So, marking their personal belonging is necessary. It is a tedious process, and I rely heavily on my boring label maker to ease the pain. And to label their socks and clothes, I have no choice but to scribble their names in black permanent marker with my best possible handwriting.

Just when I was thinking of a way to label L's shoes for his graduation performance, I received an invite to review some stickers by Stickerkid! What a timely invite!

I've read so much about these stickers from various bloggers, and all of them rave about the good quality and how long-lasting they are. I can see why too.

Screen shot from

Here are my reasons for liking the Stickerkid personalised name labels:

The stickers are of high quality. No doubt about that. 
Once I peeled the stickers out of the paper backing, I could feel the difference between these stickers and the usual ones we get from pushcarts etc. Stickerkid stickers are more flexible, and even when I removed one of the small stickers a few times to adjust the position of it on Ch's water bottle, the sticker held on firmly. It didn't have the usual creases I would find when a sticker is peeled off too many times. Trapped air bubbles under the stickers are also easily squeezed out and flattened.

And out of fun, I rolled one small sticker into a ball just like what Angie's children from Simply Mommie did. I was happy to confirm that the sticker still stuck on firmly and without any crease after straightening out. There were only a few small bubbles at the corners as seen from the picture below.

Oh, and did I mention that they are manufactured in Switzerland?

You will be spoilt for choice when customising your own stickers. 
There are many font styles, colours and cute picture logos to choose from. You can even use Chinese words in your text. Ch had fun picking the most suitable logo for L's stickers.

Screen shot from

You can label your shoes! 
With both rounded and square sides, these shoe stickers fit easily inside any shoes. There are three lines of text for you to include your child's info, and space for a cute logo. L's graduation performance shoes are properly labelled now, and I won't have to worry that they will be taken by mistake.

How ugly the insoles looked with the washi tape stuck on.
Now, they are beautifully labeled with Stickerkid shoe stickers!

No more writing on clothes and socks!
With the iron-on clothing labels, it will be easier to identify the kids' clothing from their friends'. They can also be removed easily if you want. Just go over the label again with a heated iron. Do take note that you will need to protect the label with baking paper before ironing the sticker onto the fabric.

Stickerkid guarantees that the clothing stickers will withstand 45 machine washes at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. These labels are also washing machine and tumble dryer resistant (yay!).

Stickerkid offers three types of clothing stickers:

Screen shot from

So, all in all, we love the vibrancy of these high quality stickers! Since Christmas is nearing, why not personalise some stickers as gifts for your favorite children?

Stickerkid is now offering a 10% discount to readers of Simply Lambchops on all Stickerkid products, valid from 1 Dec to 17 Dec 2014. Just quote the promo code below during checkout:


Have fun customising your own name stickers!

Disclaimer: We were given a pack of Stickerkid stickers for the purpose of this review. Names on the stickers were edited for privacy reasons. No monetary compensation was given and all opinion are ours.

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