K loves Go Away Monster! board game

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Ever since K's two pneumonia infections which landed her critically ill at the pediatric ICU this year, we hardly bring her out now, except to her doctor's appointments at the hospital. We even stopped all her therapies and early intervention program as more exposure out of house would mean a higher risk of getting a bug, and possibly another medical crisis for her.

This means she spends most of her time at home.

K loves Go Away Monsters board game from Simply Lambchops

Games are one of the best ways of learning for a child, and it is true for K too. Games Nights are precious family time for us, as we love the interaction and family bonding while playing a game together. We also see the character of the kids through playing games and how they strategize to win. Naturally, I want to start K on a simple board game so that she can catch on the games-playing bug in the future.

Pamela from My First Games (a local mumpreneur who is passionate about board and card games and owns an online store of fantastic games suitable for families) introduced Go Away Monster to us a few years ago. This is a simple board game which even a two year old can understand the game play. It is fun and enjoyable to see how the little ones become so engrossed in the game.

About the game

Number of players:    2 to 4 players

Suggested age:           3 and above (publisher's suggestion)

Playing time:             10 minutes

How the game is played:

Each player reaches into the monster bag and draws out a puzzle piece to place on his bedroom game board. Older kids learn to strategize by feeling the shape and size of the furniture puzzle piece they want inside the bag. This also heightens their tactile perception and stimulates the brain function when they "look" for things with their fingers. When the player draws out a monster piece, he shoos it away and the game continues with the next player. The first player to complete his bedroom game board wins. 

As I mentioned, the rules are simple enough for K to understand after one round of the game. She waits patiently for us to prompt her when it is her turn. Sometimes she has difficulty pulling out just one puzzle piece, so we try and help her a little when that happens. The interaction she has with us is immense as she uses her facial expression, babbles, hand signs and words to tell us that she enjoys the game. I'm happy with her progress, for she figured out where to place the teddy bear, bed and lamp on the game board today! A developmental milestone reached!

K loves Go Away Monster from Simply Lambchops

Go Away Monster encourages cooperative play too. K learns to give her puzzle piece to help complete our game board when she already has the same one on hers.

What is the best part of this game? It's seeing how K recognises the monsters pieces and shoos them away when we all shout "Go away, Monster!". She rewards us with her contagious smile and helps us throw the monster piece away. My heart just melts away when she does that.

My First Games does not carry this game now, but you can get Go Away Monster here (affiliate link attached). Unfortunately, this game is already out of print. My First Games carries many other fun and educational games, and I'll be looking out for more games for K! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I'm sharing because I love this game a lot and all opinions are mine. 

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  1. So sweet! Love that happy excited smile! We love playing board games too - truly Games Bond!


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