Review and Promo - Our first family photoshoot by Cloud Productions Sg

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This year has been an eventful one for us at Simply Lambchops. K was critically ill and hospitalised for a total of 76 days (read here and here), thus the family has to cope with a new home therapy routine. Hubby got his new posting, and L is going on to Primary 1 in a few days' time. Managing Ch has also been tough - we were battling with each other almost every day after school for various reasons. I'm definitely blaming the tween phase. 

With so many changes happening, I am still counting my blessings and thanking God that I can live to see my family every day. The smiles on their faces every morning add spice to the otherwise, mundane day of routines and tasks to be completed. 

Pictures help to add that daily spice too. I learnt the importance and significance of family photos through hubby. When hubby was still doing his National Service, he kept with him an old album of his family members and his beloved dog. We had a rare chance to visit Tokyo in 2007 (without Ch), and he prepared a small photo album containing our family photos for Ch in case she missed us while we were there. And when K was in critical conditions at the paediatric ICU, we looked at her photos from our phones to mend the heartbreaks we had and to help us look forward to the day she recovered. 

Hubby takes beautiful photos of us and his family members so that we can have a collection as our memories. But being the photographer, he is often missing from the photos. So after K was discharged from the hospital, I wanted even more to have professionally-taken pictures of my family while we had the chance to. Life is too fragile, as seen from the recent airplane crashes, to take each day for granted. And we have certainly experienced that each time K was very ill. 

Action to start planning for a family photoshoot was delayed for a few months as I was waiting for "the perfect family" moment. I didn't want permanent memories of K with a plastered face of nasal prongs and feeding tube. Hubby and I also had some rough times with each other during those stressful months. Too selfish I was. 

Thankfully, photos from Cloud Productions Sg's portfolio convinced me to look beyond my shallow self, and put that thought into action. The families, couples and kids looked happy and the photos were taken very nicely with quality and thought put into taking each one. 

Cloud Productions Sg specialises in doing photo shoots of families with kids (they cover kids' birthday parties as well), and they are able to shoot big families (up to 30 pax) at no additional cost per pax. I'm also happy to know that for every family photoshoot packaged booked, 5% will be donated to Dignity Kitchen Singapore (a food court run by the disadvantaged and disabled) as part of Cloud Productions' Social Cause. 

This was our first family photo shoot and I didn't know how to dress everyone up. Fortunately, Cloud Productions offers tips on their blog on how to prepare for an outdoor photo shoot. Irene, the chief photographer, kept in contact and sent reminders of the photoshoot. We had to postpone it once due to bad weather (November and December are really bad months to do any photo shoots) and Irene was very nice to accommodate to our requests for the rescheduled date. Instead of an evening photo shoot which is said to be more suitable for photography, we decided on a morning shoot for the rescheduled date to avoid any unpredicted afternoon showers. Irene had to brave through trails of millipedes and other insects to get to the remotely located park we chose (thank you, Irene!). But she was still with all smiles and started working when we reached. 

K got a bit moody half an hour into the photoshoot as she wasn't used to the glaring sunlight and heat. She didn't want to smile after that, but we were pleasantly surprised that Irene managed to capture her smiles in so many photos! We love all the photos! Biased biased, but I'm sure you agree with me that the photos were beautifully-taken. Irene also constantly checked with us about K to make sure she was physically well enough to carry on the photoshoot. Attitudes of a professional and caring photographer! 

Our photos came within one week of the photoshoot via email. Love love love all 46 of them!

Chinese New Year is coming, and I know some of you take the opportunity to do family photo shoots. Why not rally your whole clan to dress up for a themed photoshoot with Cloud Productions Sg!

Cloud Productions Sg is offering two family photo packages for our Simply Lambchops readers!

Premium Outdoor Photoshoot with Chief/Premium Photographer ($280)

Value Outdoor Photoshoot with Apprentice Photographer ($200)

Use promo code #mary2015 to get FREE 4x 4R Laboratory Prints (Gloss Finish) or 7x7" Pinboard Squareprints (Matt Gloss Textured) when you book for your package!

Both packages include:
- 1 hour outdoor photoshoot
- Unlimited photos
- Post-process and enhancement of photos
- High resolution softcopies in JPG
- Photos sent over via email within two weeks

Promo ends 3rd March 2015
Do book early as bookings are confirmed on a first come first serve basis. A 50% deposit is required for confirming of appointments. Photoshoot date itself will have to be done before 3rd March 2015

More of their creatively-taken photos can be found on Facebook and Instagram @sgcloudproductions. 

Disclosure: We were invited for the Premium Outdoor Photoshoot for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are ours.

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