Hugs to this Mom

Thursday, May 07, 2015

This morning, I read a FB update from a Mom in the circle of parents whose children have Pulmonary Hypertension. 

I follow this Mom's FB posts closely from the time she first updated about baby Lacy in January this year. Baby Lacy was only 26 days old when parents from the FB group knew her. 

Something in her post drew me closer to her even though we have never met, and are many miles apart from each other. 

Maybe it's that sweet face of baby Lacy she posted. 

Maybe it's the familiar cry for help and support in the tone of her first post in January.

Maybe it's the familiar experiences and anxiety we shared. ECHO, Sildenafil, sats - medical terms we would never have known if we don't have family members that ill before. 

Maybe it's because both our girls were diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. 

With each good news she posted about baby Lacy, I rejoiced with her. 

With each worrying news she posted about baby Lacy, I worried with her and prayed for baby Lacy. 

This mom may never know my existence except for my comments in her posts.

And today, I cry with this Mom.

Baby Lacy has fought a good fight for the past 4 months in the hospital, and her small body is not responding well to the treatments anymore. The medical team and her parents have made the painful decision to let her go. 


Dear baby Lacy, you can now rest in the arms of God. You can finally be free from the tubes and probes and blood tests. You can finally breathe easy again. 

And to the parents of baby Lacy, the whole FB group weeps with you. May you receive the peace you need to ease the pain you feel. Right now, cry all you want. It's your right to do so.


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