Crocheting a Slugterra Tazerling Joules toy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simply Lambchops crochets Slugterra Tazerling Joules

This crochet project started in October 2014 after I made an Eli Shane costume for L to wear to school on Children's Day. He got me interested in the Slugterra cartoon and after looking at so many pictures of Slugterra slugs, an idea struck. Why don't I make a soft toy slug for him? It'll be fun to have a slug in 3D form instead of on paper! 

I searched online and found this beautiful Slugterra Tazerling Joules crocheted by Siew Ping from Something Sweet n' Precious. The best part is, she shares this crochet pattern for free! 

And so I picked up my crochet hook once again. 

L was very excited and would check my progress every day. I sacrificed my sleep on some of the nights too. This crochet pattern was definitely more challenging than the Minion beanie I crocheted for Ch. There were many more new crochet terms to me, and changing of different coloured yarn really tested my skills. I couldn't figure how to sew the eyes and belly appliques onto the body too. Honestly, I almost gave up on this project, and that explains why I didn't post anything about my progress after October. I was secretly hoping that L would forget about this too.    

It was after I crocheted a Fortune Cat amigurumi for the Chinese New Year, that L asked me about his Joules again. Feeling guilty about the delay, I resumed the project. Siew Ping kindly responded to my questions via FB very promptly, and explained the steps patiently. Thank you, Siew Ping!

Simply Lambchops crochets Slugterra Tazerling Joules

L's eyes lit up when he saw the completed Joules that morning when I completed it. He gave me a very sweet smile and said thank-you. This mama is very happy and contented even though I had to sacrificed one night of sleep to complete it. Joules now sits proudly on L's bed and accompanies him when he sleeps. 

I have another crochet project coming up. Am pretty excited about it as it will be my first amigurumi for a newborn baby. 

What about you? Are you a crochet enthusiast too? What have you crocheted recently? 

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  1. Wow I think this takes skill and loads of patience! Well done, mummy!!

  2. Hi Mary, My son is in love with your crochet Slugterra Tazerling Joules! I realise that you made it some time ago but wondering if you still have the pattern? I tried following the link you had originally put in but perhaps because it was so long ago it doesn't work. As the pattern was free I was wondering if you would mind sharing it with me. It's really wonderful.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Lisa, so sorry for such a late response to your comment. You can find the pattern on Something Sweet n Precious' FB page:

      Have fun crocheting!


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