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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The only carnivals I have ever been to, are those organised by my schools because the usual long queues for food and games, plus the big crowd of people, put me off. 

But I couldn't resist the Aviva SuperFundae family carnival after reading about the exciting activities that we would get to do! In fact, I was secretly counting down to 20th June as I was eager to join the Nerf Mission, soap making and Nerf Supersoakers water play, and many more. The kids and I were also looking forward to finding out if there was really going to be a Candy Cannon blasting gummies at us, or would it be just a few staff throwing packets of gummies around. 

We were all hyped up upon collecting our Superfundae goodie pack! Other than the useful picnic mat, umbrella and baby wipes (which was absolutely handy for cooling us down as it was a super hot day too!), the kids got to choose a Nerf toy each! How's that for a goodie bag?! I shamelessly asked one of the staff if I could also have one for myself, but of course, she didn't oblige.  

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

I applaud the organisers for choosing to hold the event at Gardens by the Bay as there was so much space for the kids to run around and have fun. And with SO MANY activities to do, the queues were reasonably short. The many big tents that housed the activities also provided the much needed shade from the hot sun that day. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

We strategised after Ch and L looked through the guide, and quickly went for our first station - the Nerf Missions. Did I tell you that we love Nerf? The kids own a Nerf gun each, and the Daddy has one too. Ch and L spent the longest time here as they had a few rounds for each Nerf challenge. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

Look at the number of outdoor games and arts-related activities that were available. It was impossible to spot any bored kids around. And parents were also able to join in the games and family challenges. I wanted to do the Milk Dash race with the kids, but they were more focussed on their choice of activities. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
Navigating through mini sports circuits set up by Ready Steady Go Kids 
Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
Transformers puzzle, Squiggly Car,  Skateboard and Ninja Quest challenges and Soap Clay making

One highlight of this carnival was that we could earn stamps at each station when we played the activity. And winning the challenges earned us more stamps. The completed redemption card was then used to exchange for My Little Pony, Littlest PetShop or Transformers blind bags! That definitely motivated everyone to play, including the parents!

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
Happy kids with their redeemed gifts

Seafood paella, pork knuckles, shepherd's pie, hot dog buns and sushi were some of the good variety of food at the Pasarbella tent. The queue for food was a lot longer during lunchtime, but we managed to avoid by having a late lunch. There was also entertainment by local groups and on-the-spot buskers throughout the day. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

What did we enjoy most? We couldn't decide as there were too many enjoyable activities, but one of the most enjoyable highlights for us was definitely the hourly Candy Cannon that fired up free Haribo gummies! The sight of children (AND parents) waiting in anticipation for the cannon to fire up the gummies, and catching as much loot as they could, was priceless. Everyone had an enjoyable time, and there were so many packs of gummies that the kids could share them with strangers who didn't manage to get many. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
FREE Haribo gummies and ice cream for all participants!

The other most enjoyable highlight was the CrayCraySpray water play. We left this to the last as forgetful me didn't pack extra clothes for all of us for this activity. And because of that, I couldn't join them. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae
Cooling down from a game of CrayCraySpray water play with Nerf Supersoakers!

I stood at the boundary of the waterplay area to take pics but soon became a target for the younger kids. Good thing one of their older siblings was kind enough to stop his mei mei and told her not to shoot at me, else I'll have to change my clothes. 

Ch and L were totally soaked to their skin after the water play! The Nerf Supersoakers were really useful for cooling them down too! And for the record, the day was so hot that their wrung-dry clothes dried after 15 mins of play in the sun. 

The generosity of the organisers and sponsors of this carnival was absolutely appreciated and loved. Ice cream was given freely, and with no limit to how many one can take. No questions, no frowns when someone takes more than one tub of ice cream. There was also free beer for the adults. All these for a really super fun day for the family. Thank you, Aviva! You have indeed raised the bar for family carnivals. 

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

When the kids give a thumbs up for the event, you'll be sure they have definitely enjoyed themselves.

Simply Lambchops reviews Aviva SuperFundae

Check out #SuperFundae for more picture memories from other participants!

Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets to attend the event for this review. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are ours. 

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