March Instagram Round-Up

Sunday, April 22, 2018

It has been 8 months since we stopped having a stay-in helper. Life has been crazy, well, at least for me, as I have to take over the tasks that used to be done by my helper, on top of what I usually have to do. I cannot understand why there are so many clothes to wash, hang up, bring down and keep and why the decluttering has not been completed after 8 months.

It has not been easy and smooth-sailing and I have had a few meltdowns at home. People tell me that I need to take it in stride. They sing "Let it go" (well, actually they typed it) and remind that things will improve slowly. I am learning to let go of what I cannot change and channel the time to care for myself more. This is why I have not been as active on this platform as I wish to be.

I post more frequently over on Instagram and I thought it'll be a great way to share some of my pictures with you since I know that not all of you who read my blog follow me on Instagram, and vice versa. I've decided to start a monthly Instagram round-up series here, showing you the Top 5 pictures (based on the number of likes) and giving you a little more details and context at the time the picture was taken. 

If you do want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me [here]. 

:: 5 - Advocacy bangle for World Down Syndrome Day
March has always been special because it's my birth month. Since August 2011, March has become extra special because there is someone very precious that I want to uphold and speak up for, not only on World Down Syndrome Day but every day and for as long as I am still on earth.

It was love at first sight with this advocacy bangle from Special Miracles, a Down syndrome organisation dedicated to promoting the support, love and respect for all individuals with Down syndrome. I ordered one immediately, without considering much about its cost (it's $39.90 USD or $54.41 SGD). A piece of custom designed accessory that speaks a message very close to my heart totally deserves that price.

:: 4 - Grieving 
The picture was taken during this year's Chinese New Year and that was the last time my kids saw their great-grandmother alive and well. My grandma suffered a stroke in 2010 and was in a wheelchair since then. She lost a lot of her memories and would only remember each of us at rare moments, so my kids hardly interact much with her when my extended family met on festive occasions.

My grandma was admitted to the hospital early March this year and stayed there till she passed on on 28th March. Though we were all very sad to see her lifeless body, I know the big family is relieved that she is finally free from the physical pains. Nonetheless, I couldn't hold my tears when I received the news of her death. Thankful that my kids were sensitive to my emotional needs when it happened.

We had a short service during the funeral wake and I presented my eulogy as her first grandchild. As expected, it started well, and then, I got that lump in the throat and my voice started to crack. I had to pause and hold back my tears. It wasn't easy at all, even though I had run it a few times in my mind.

This IG post was done on the way to the Mandai Crematorium.

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:: 3 Giving thanks for our cardiology follow-up
Always happy to meet this doctor who has walked the journey with us since the first day K was sent to the Children's Emergency at National University Hospital (NUH). Why, you asked? Some say he is one of the most handsome doctors at the children's clinic, but for me, it is because he is always careful and observant in his checks and that he had seen me weep bitterly as a helpless mother for dunno-how-many-times.

So, when he sounded a little concerned after the ECHO but assured that the two issues were nothing major, I trusted his judgment and didn't question more. Just felt thankful that we have him and Him to watch over K's heart.

:: 2 - Camping at Pasir Ris Park with our friends
Since our first camping trip, we have done a few more with the usual camping village. The kids especially love the freedom to run around without any restrictions (they are obedient to safety rules).

As for myself, I noticed I had less time to sit around and chat with my friends as K is more mobile now as compared to the last few camping trips, hence she would often wander away on her own. This meant that I had to keep her under close supervision at all times. But she still tried to sneak away! It was a good thing Daddy heard her and held on tightly by the tip of her blouse! That didn't stop this girl! She continued to inch forward while chuckling cheekily. My friend was quick to whip out her phone and snapped this memorable picture!

:: 1 - For World Down Syndrome Day 2018
Thinking about World Down Syndrome Day, I asked L that question as we walked to his school early that morning. For a 10-year-old boy who adores his little sis and would always find chances to play with her and carry her, I can see why his reply was as such. They are best playmates for a catching game or a round of hide-and-seek and I often find them together, chilling out on his bed. Of course, there are the usual sibling fights, especially when one just wants to annoy the other by hiding his/her things and not returning them, but they resolve and forget the mischief done quickly.

There is no denying that I am exhausted from my caregiving duties - as K's main caregiver, I have to send her for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, speech therapy, literacy class and all her medical appointments, on top of sending and picking her up from school. On some weeks, the calendar on my phone is filled with more than five purple blocks (these mark K's appointments), making my weekly schedule look intimidating and energy-draining.

Yet, just like L, I will not wish for the Down syndrome part to be taken away from her. The truth is, Down syndrome is just a part of her. It does not define her.

Her personality does.

'Till the next Instagram Round-up,
These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. (John chapter 16 verse 33; NKJV)

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