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Friday, July 13, 2018

The last we flew was in 2013 when K was 2 years old. It was a night flight and K used my lap as her pillow. By the time we reached the Hong Kong International Airport, I couldn't feel my leg anymore and suffered a backache as I had to maintain my sitting posture to let her have a good sleep.

So before we flew for our recent holiday to Perth, I started dreading the thought of having to go through the same experience. Thankfully, Mommy Justina's IG post about her good experience with the Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock came timely and I got one immediately.

There are a few similar children's products aimed at making travelling on economy class flights more comfortable, but I chose the Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock as it is a perfect fit for my family's needs.

Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock clips easily to your bag

What is Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock?

Best described as a hammock for your legs, it acts as a footrest and allows your feet and legs to be elevated into a more comfortable sitting position. For young children, the Fly LegsUp hammock can also act as a platform for sleeping flat, so they do not have to invade into your personal space.

It has been comprehensively tested by a CASA authorised Aviation Engineer and approved by CASA as a "carry on comfort aid".

Fly LegsUp offers an Adult pack (for older kids and adults) and a Kids pack (suitable for infants to kids around 9 years old). The only difference between the two is that the Kids pack come with an additional Large inflatable pillow. Both packs come with a flight hammock and a card-sized instruction manual in case you need help with the setup (or you can watch the instructional video prior to flying.) Weighing less than 500g, everything can be packed away into the small bag provided and clips on easily onto your luggage or diaper bag with the included carabiner.

Enjoying the in-flight movie with her legs fully stretched out!

How does it work?

To use the hammock, you will need to be in an ordinary Economy seat (not a bulkhead seat or areas without a seat in front of you) in order to attach the hammock to the arms of the drop-down tray table.

Whilst the instructions on paper look simple, my actual experience somewhat differed. Maybe because I was a little nervous before takeoff, I found it a bit tricky to attach the left and right straps of the hammock to the arms of the tray table while attending to Excited K who kept pestering me to start her KrisWorld entertainment system.

It took a few attempts to re-position the straps correctly. After that, the rest of the steps are pretty straightforward.
Tip: It's easier to attach the hammock to the tray table BEFORE the person in front reclines the seat. 
Once the maximum cruising height was achieved, the Tail of the hammock was tucked into the back of K's seat and the two Large pillows were inflated and placed flat onto the hammock as a sleeping platform for her. One good thing I found was that the hammock can also act as a barrier to prevent her toys from dropping off.

A playpen for K's soft toy!
Every Momma's moment of joy when on the plane
K is about 99 cm long and she can still lie flat to sleep with her legs curled up. I didn't have to remove her seatbelt and she slept safely and soundly through every turbulence. Even the Momma in front of me noticed because she had to remove her infant from the bassinet each time we experienced a turbulence. I couldn't help but share about this wonderful hammock with her. (:

On our flight back to Singapore while K was totally absorbed in Moana, I took over the hammock and tested it.

Now, don't repeat my mistake if you want to use the hammock for yourself. What I didn't know (until I came back from the holiday) was that there are SO MANY MORE WAYS to use this hammock for adults. It was a facepalm moment after I read the detailed instructions from the website!

Photos from Fly LegsUp website
Me using the flight hammock as a footrest
With the seat reclined and using the flight hammock as my footrest, the Economy seat instantly upgraded its comfort. I added one large pillow (half-deflated) under my legs for more support. Love this hammock so much because everyone in the family can use it!
Take note that the flight hammock cannot be used during taxi, takeoff and landing as with all other similar products.

Overall thoughts

We didn't have any issues using the Fly LegsUp hammock on the Singapore Airlines but do check with your airline operator before flying. In fact, during one of the turbulence, a flight attendant came over to check on us and smiled when she saw K sleeping soundly. That smile told me that I made the right decision in getting the hammock.

In addition, being so lightweight and compact in design, I don't have to worry about taking up my luggage space for this.

There are a few health benefits of using the flight hammock cited on the website such as helping to reduce to risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

At 90 SGD for the Kids pack, it is not something you'll be thinking of buying straightaway, but as any parent knows, you can't put a price to a good sleep.

So, all in all, I highly recommend the Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock to you. The only grouse I have is ... why didn't I know about this earlier??

Fly LegsUp ships worldwide and if you are in Singapore, get yours from Fly LegsUp Singapore.

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