Homemade Spiderman costume (for girls)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Homemade Spiderman costume for girls by Simply Lambchops

The school celebrated Children's Day last year with a Super Hero theme and Ch went as Spidey Girl. This homemade costume was an easy assembly of different components - the mask, Spidey shirt, a pair of blue tights, and a red tutu (idea taken from here). 

Buying a Spiderman costume off the shelves would have cost me $30. And I'll be stuck with another costume in the cupboard after the kids have outgrown their superhero-crazy phase. My actual total damage for this homemade version was less than $10 including unlimited joy of making it. Most of the cost came from the pair of blue tights and the red tulle material and these can be reused in other ways.

The Spidey shirt was borrowed from a friend but you can easily make one with a red blouse and draw the webbing pattern using a fabric marker or do an elaborate version like what this mom did at Shannon Makes Stuff. My friend happened to also have the felt Spiderman mask that I was going to make so I conveniently took it from her too (thanks Pamela!)

I love how the red tutu transforms a Spiderman costume to a cute one for a girl that isn't too feminine! And it's a NO-SEW tutu! How's that as a time-saver!! To make this, I used an elastic band and measured around Ch's waist. Following the instructions by Paging Fun Mums, strips of the red tulle was cut to the desired length and looped around the elastic band. A no-fuss, red tutu completed! 

The only problem to this costume was that I couldn't get a better quality tulle, so Ch complained that the tutu was very rough on her skin and poked her when she sat. 

You can also make cuffs like these using felt or toilet paper rolls which I did for my simple Teachers' Day Spidey Mom costume last year (don't laugh... teachers do have fun too). 

Have fun making your own Spiderman costume!

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