K's first typing exercise

Monday, September 22, 2014

This is what you get from a child who is eager to get her fingers on the typing pad:

(Done on 22 Sept 2014)
q          fezxefwasjnr4sdrcQQWw2q2QHGQVwhAWHG2YhjHg,;;,;lyhfy6’lfyf6y’F>jkl.’;,/2.2/.OJSuorf9ufu9dxxg6kgkjg

t  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdx           .cbj c v.b bv……………
 vh      ttttttttr        rr    

SXXNBNDDDCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCXCCCCCCCCCCC,DDDDDDDDDDZZZXXXxzzzzzzzzzzzzssssswz? vh’;V “..;/aeaezUtA T  66R5Z5Er5%    K˚˜˜ZZ,LX,ZM.A            Q.,       >,az.,lplap2a2pla≈jn,,
koiuiuiu m   

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