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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The K2 kids in L's preschool were given a home project to complete with their parents a couple of weeks ago. The project required them to create their own skeleton costume as they were studying about My Human Body for the whole of Term 3. The best part to this project is that the kids get to wear their costumes to the school party today as a celebration to the end of Term 3 and Teachers' Day. 

The crafting freak in me got very fascinated with this project idea as I love crafting activities. I also believe that parents should try our best to be involved in our children's school life as far as possible, and by this, I don't mean asking "How's school today?" or "Do you have any homework?". I know that some parents may find it a bother to complete such home projects as the product is, most of the time, completed by the adult more than by the child. There could also be a couple of parents who probably can't even draw a proper outline of a fish. For them, the only consolation I can offer is that the quality of your product really does not matter. I agree that a nicely done costume makes the child happy and excited in wearing it. Who wouldn't? However, we must remind ourselves that the process of doing an activity with your child far outweighs the quality of the outcome, and that the shared experience creates a common topic for more interaction and involvement in what they do in school. 

As L already has a skeleton costume, I forced encouraged him to make a skull mask, much to his dislike. He wasn't for the idea of wearing a mask over his face until I showed him some pictures from Google and Pinterest. His face lit up when he saw a similar mask to the one we made. The rest of the masks looked "so ugly" in his own words. 

Homemade skeleton mask by Simply Lambchops
L with his best friend, HL

L with his cousin Aly

I cut a paper plate to fit his small face, and cut out two almond-shaped holes for his eyes. He had to do the colouring so that he has some form of ownership for this project. Can you spot my attempts to cover up L's smudges using the correction fluid?

Homemade skeleton mask craft by Simply Lambchops

We did other costumes over the three years that L have been with his preschool. Here are the rest:

:: Hawkeye costume (with detailed tutorial on how to make the costume)

Homemade Hawkeye costume for child by Simply Lambchops
Hawkeye and his bow and arrows

:: Plant/ Fruit costume

Homemade tomato rockstar child costume by Simply Lambchops
Tomato rockstar and his cardboard guitar

:: Elephant Shrew costume

Homemade elephant shrew mask by Simply Lambchops
The elephant shrew, an endangered animal

(Added on 2 Oct 2014)
:: Eli Shane of Slugterra

I followed the tutorial by Colleen from Life Sprinkled with Glitter. Coincidentally, I found her blog post when I was searching for tutorials on how to make the Hawkeye costume. I think her son and L probably can be good friends if they ever meet each other as they seem to like similar cartoon characters (or maybe it's a boys' thing). 

Homemade Eli Shane child costume by Simply Lambchops
Eli Shane ready for his next mission together with his slugs!

Homemade Slugterra canisters craft by Simply Lambchops
From Mo Kar Kor to Slugterra containers!

The blue glass paint (my existing craft supplies) mixed with Mod Podge didn't turn out too dark, so the containers still look "un-blue". To attach the containers to the belt on the t-shirt, I used velcro instead. I'll have to stitch the velcro on the belt to make this costume more lasting coz they didn't last through one day of fun. 

Which of these do you like most?

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