[Review and Giveaway] Beginner's wakeboarding experience at Singapore Wake Park

Thursday, December 08, 2016

[Media Invite] Wakeboarding is a water sport very alien but super cool to me, and one that I associate with rich people who can afford to rent a boat out to sea. I have never imagined that I will attempt this thrilling sport at my age (with stiff bones and a body that is so telling of the lack of exercise) because this seems more like a popular sport among the younger people. But I did it, and so did my kids! Thanks to the newly-opened Singapore Wake Park at East Coast Park!

What is wakeboarding or cable-ski?

Cable-ski, wakeboarding - they are "same, same, but different". From the little understanding I have, wakeboarding is a more general term to describe the sport where a person is towed across the waters on a board that is slightly smaller than a surfboard. The person can be towed by a motorboat or by an overhead running cable system (hence, the name cable-ski).

The [NEW] Singapore Wake Park 

Known as Ski360degree under the previous cable-ski park operator, the cable-ski park was taken over by the Island Lifestyle Group and renovated and re-opened to the public since end October 2016. Singapore Wake Park features two System 2.0s (70 metres and 140 metres) that allow the speed to be adjusted to suit the beginner rider, as well as a full-sized cable system with obstacles for those who are more competent to challenge themselves. More details about the park facilities here.
This is a playground for both children and adults, from cable-ski thrills to lounging by the lagoon. Learn a new sport, get sun-kissed, end the day with a big smile on your face. This is also a pit-stop for runners, cyclists and skaters to take a break and watch the Park in full adrenaline swing. - Singapore Wake Park

Our first wakeboarding experience

We went during the evening to avoid getting a sunburn. Night cable-skiing is cooling and made possible with powerful floodlights to illuminate the park. After we signed the Liability Waiver Form, the lesson started with a short safety briefing and we were issued our cable-ski equipment (a buoyancy vest, helmet, and a wakeboard/kneeboard).

Can young kids wakeboard? Of course yes!

With no wakeboarding experience, we started out with the System 2.0 course as this is a safe learning environment to master the technique of balancing on the wakeboard with confidence. In fact, because it is safe and easy to use, children from as young as 6 years old and able senior citizens can have a try at wakeboarding.

The System 2.0 caters to one rider at a time so we had full attention from the instructor. He suggested starting off on a kneeboard for us to get accustomed to the forward pull. As the cable tightened, the initial tug on the handle caught us by surprise and we almost lost our grip on the handle, but we got the hang of it quickly and whizzed across the 70 m of water.  The ride was exhilarating!! We quickly requested to be "upgraded" to the next board.

Types of boards for beginners

With the Easy Up board, the whole ball game changed. The aim is to hold the sitting position while launching off and slowly standing up to balance on the board with the right stance. Ch and I had a little competition to see who would be the first to make it to the end successfully.

We fell into the water multiple times. Being thrown into the water after losing balance is as fun as the cable-ski experience itself although hauling ourselves and the board onto the white floating walkway was no easy feat. I was a little embarrassed when I could not pull myself up the first time and felt myself panting while I tried to "sashay glamorously" back to the starting point. The extent of body aches the next morning is evidence of the full-body workout I received. Strangely, my kids didn't have any muscle aches at all. Tsk tsk!

It's very fun and I like swimming to the walkway when I fall into the water. - L
Wait-time for your turn to cable-ski depends on the size of the crowd. We had close to 10 rides each and all three of us managed to progress to the wakeboard by the end of the session.

I learnt from Singapore Wake Park that the water in their lagoon flows directly from the sea (no wonder we tasted salty water) through a filtration system, and the repeated flow of seawater ensures the quality of the water in accordance with NEA's guidelines. The filtration system also ensures no debris enter the lagoon, apart from small organisms like sea grass and little fishes which we noticed during our rides. Before the Park opens and after it closes, the crew also clears any sea grass/fallen leaves on the surface of the water and floating walkways. The water quality levels at the Park are checked every 3 to 6 months to ensure that it is consistently safe for its riders.

That one-hour wakeboarding session was a precious family experience and one that we would still talk about it fondly. K cheered for us from the deck nearby with many "good job!" and thumbs-up hand-sign and the determination to conquer System 2.0 was strongly evident in Ch and L. They just kept going despite swallowing water when they fell into the lagoon. And although L is a non-swimmer, he was able to make his way to the floating walkway confidently with the help of a life jacket.

To progress to the full-sized cable system, beginners have to successfully wakeboard across System 2.0 three times in a row. None of us managed to, but you can read more about the system here.

If you want to see how the Park looks like during the day, hop over to Sengkangbabies to read about their day cable-skiing experience.

Our wakeboarding instructor

Coastal Rhythm cafe with a semi-alfresco dining interior

Feasting on finger food at Coastal Rhythm

More information about Singapore Wake Park

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 10 am to 10 pm | Sat, Sun and Public Holiday, 9 am to 10 pm
Address: 1206A, East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Telephone: 6636 4266
Singapore Wake Park Website Facebook | Instagram

Park rates:

*** SPECIAL GIVEAWAY! (7 Dec - 14 Dec) ***

Special thanks to Singapore Wake Park, one lucky reader will get to win TWO Weekday 1-hour Passes (worth $80)!!

[17 Dec 2016]

Ms. Suat Sian

I will be contacting you via email for details to claim your prize.

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Disclaimer: We were invited for the wakeboarding experience for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are ours.

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