[Review] Painting Day with Nippon Paint Professionals

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This is the second post of the series featuring our collaboration with Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services. Read about our pre-painting site consultation experience and the surprise we got.

 - The day our room breathed a new look again -

The painting team from Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services reached our house on time with their tools and paints and started work promptly. Quietly, the two painters worked in tandem to shift the furniture to the centre of the room, tape the fixtures etc.

Job to be completed in 5 hours: walls and ceiling of my helper's room and ceilings of my Master Bedroom and two toilets.

Pre-painting preparation

I left the painters to do their job while I busied myself with other non-painting related stuff but peeped once a while to see their progress. They worked very fast - so fast that I didn't have a chance to take photographs of the details. 

Protecting all fixtures with Nippon Paint-approved masking tapes
Nippon Paint Plastic Drop Cloth to protect all the furniture and floor

Painting work starts

Adding a coat of primer (sealer)
Although the Vinilex 5170 or ExpressKote sealers might be more efflorescence resistant (hence providing more protection to the finishing coats of paint), the Nippon Paint 5101 Odour-less Water-based Wall Sealer was suggested by Alan (project manager of Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services) as we have young children at home. It emits a low level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), hence is safer for them as compared to the other two types of sealers. And... did you notice the name says "odour-less" instead of odourless? Keke... true to its name, the water-based sealer does emit a little odour, but is definitely much less as compared to the normal paints, and it is almost unnoticeable.

The work was divided between the two painters. One painted the top coat of my helper's bedroom while the other worked on the ceilings and the toilets.
Top coats waiting to dry
Blistered paint removed from the toilet ceiling 
Areas on the ceilings where the old paint blistered or peeled off were scraped and cleaned before applying the new coat of ceiling paint. The Nippon Paint Anti-Mould Ceiling White paint is formulated to have anti-mould properties against most species of mould - definitely what we need, considering the booklice feast on mould on the walls.

Just when the painters were going to clean up after completing the work, we found bubbles forming under the new coat of ceiling paint in one toilet. Thankfully, the painters rectified the problem immediately. They had to reapply new coats of paint after removing the bubbles and stayed on to check if the problem persisted. I am impressed with their work attitude because not once did they give me any "black face" for delaying the completion of the paintwork.

Cleaning Up

The painters worked fast to clean up the rooms and removed all masking tapes and drop cloths. As part of their professional painting services, they were supposed to reinstall the furniture in my helper's room to the original arrangement, but the painters told me to let the top coat dry completely for a few hours before doing that. I was more than happy to do it myself since they stayed almost the whole day just to make sure the ceiling paint dried up properly.

We love the new colours and a refreshed look for my helper's room. Stay with me for photos of the completed paintwork in my next post!

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