Best Nine Family Moments in 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

If the Lord is willing, many years down the road when our hairs grey and our memory fades, I'll read out this post to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remind us of the many blessed moments we shared as a family.

Sharing our family votes for the best nine family moments in 2016 - because the best nine is not just about the most-liked photos.

Photos from top row (left to right)
  • We spent a whole day at Kidzania! From the time it opened to its closing time. I couldn't believe that all the three kids were still hyped up when we left, whereas I was exhausted just sitting around and taking pictures. It was an incredible experience as there was hardly any crowd and the kids tried out 11 establishments. Precious moments spotted when the siblings helped one another to complete the task, accommodated to K's walking speed by walking slower, brought K along to set up her bank account and collecting the 20 kidZos and many more. 
  • We had a thrilling time at the Singapore Wake Park, challenging each other to see who will be the first to successfully wakeboard across the waters. Precious moments included cheering each other on when we couldn't make it to the opposite tower. Even K, who was watching us from the side, encouraged us and gave lots of thumbs-up. 
  • We brought K on a bus ride because she started asking. Each time when we are in the car, she would point to the buses that pass by and say, "I want to go on bus." For a girl who has overcome so many challenges in her short life and has improved so much physically, it was indeed difficult for us to reject her request. The look on her face when she finally boarded one was priceless! So, so precious because it was her first. 
Photos from middle row (left to right)
  • We took the bumboat over to Pulau Ubin during our stay at the Civil Service Clubhouse@Changi. It was an impromptu decision to go over the waters to spend an hour catching crabs and watching time pause. The kids quickly got used to the noisy ride. It was K's first too. 
  • We spent a weekday afternoon at the Siloso Beach, Sentosa since hubby was on leave. The trip started out on a wrong foot and I got annoyed with hubby. But thankfully, the tension didn't last long with the bright sun and beautiful beach surrounding us. I love the photo of Ch and L chilling under the beach umbrella. Quietly they sat, but enjoying each other's company and the beauty around them. The bond between them is strong yet, it seems fragile at times when they are just so antagonistic to each other. 
  • We did a 3D2N camping trip at the Pasir Ris Park with a few of our friends. I was apprehensive initially, not for my own comfort, but because I was afraid the kids would find it too uncomfortable and hot. My biggest fear was for K who has not been through such a challenging experience and I almost wanted to bring along her oxygen cylinder in case of a respiratory emergency. Everything went superbly well and you can read more here. Since then, we did another 2D1N camp in December and I'm pretty sure there will be more in 2017. 
Photos from last row (left to right)
  • We celebrated L's birthday at Zoom Park because he wanted the same experience that Ch had for her birthday. It was extra memorable because he had the company of 5 other friends and they expended so much energy trampolining for that one hour. 
  • We finally saw enough weight gain from K and more progress at eating and drinking by mouth. Hence, we confidently pulled out her feeding tube! The family cheered for her when she took a photo with her tube dangling from her small fingers. And she proudly said "No more tube." Will 2017 be the year she accepts Gerber puffs, biscuits, cubed fruits and everything else?  
  • We were pleasantly surprised with our luxurious family suite at the recent staycation at the Civil Service Clubhouse@Changi. A chalet it was, but it was more than the typical chalet we are familiar with. The kids watched tv whenever there was time and we had friends over for a barbeque too. A post about our experience to come soon.
Writing about the best nine family moments makes me realise it is not the fun activities or elaborate places we went that make them best. Rather, it's the interactions and bonding we had, and the full presence of every family member, that made these moments shine. And what made the experiences extra memorable was that we shared many of these with friends we love. So, thank you for being a part in our family story and a blessed new year to you.  
Enjoy the little things in life. For one day you may look back and realise they were the Big things. 
 What about you, dear friend? What were your best nine family moments for this year?

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  1. Love your best nine moments, especially those which show how far K has come. She definitely had a great year, and I'll pray with you that 2017 will be the year that she eats puffs and cubes fruits.
    My best moments of 2016 revolved around the twins, and I sometimes still marvel at the fact that I'm a mum of three kids.

    1. I enjoyed reading the letter you wrote for the twins! They must have added a lot of joy to the family (:

  2. I liked this best nine photo collage and it bring back all the beautiful moments you have together as a family.

  3. Lovely memories, I especially loved those pics of siblings bonding and helping each other. Missed out on Kampong Camping Dec (ai yah!)

    cheers, Andy

  4. Yes, totally agree that the best nine moments are not the 9 most liked, cos it doesn't depend on how much others liked them! haha.

    Lovely to hear that you had such wonderful memories from 2016, and that K had so many firsts! Wonderful that she doesn't need the tube anymore too, yay! :)

    1. Yes Lyn, we are very happy with K's progress too. And many people have also noticed that she talks more after her feeding tube is removed. What a blessing to hear her chatter!

  5. I loved the last quote in this post! Indeed, small things are actually big treasures. Wishing you a very happy 2017...

  6. Love it that you celebrate the small everyday things like siblings helping each other and bus rides alongside big occasions like holidays and birthdays! Hope your 2017 as just as special.

  7. Thanks for sharing....particularly the closing quote. In many ways I'm still learning that the small things are actually the significant things. Have a great 2017!

  8. It's always nice to look back on the year to see how far we've come along~ here's my 2016 round-up to share too:


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