[Review] Pre-painting Consultation with Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

We have been neglecting the maintenance of the paintwork of our house since we moved in. Other than a new paintwork in 2011 at the foyer leading to our main door and the current bedroom which Ch and L are sharing, the rest of the house still retains the original paintwork that was done in 2003.

Parts of the ceilings in our toilets and Master Bedroom have blistered and cracked. The wall paint in my helper's room and the balcony suffer from the growth of mould and "scars" when stickers or Blue Tack were removed.

Problem areas on interior walls and ceilings
We have been thinking of giving the walls a new paintwork especially since the helper's room looks kind of dull, but ... you know how things are with work and kids around ya? The days turn into months and the months into years, with the problem areas still unattended to until we were invited to try out Nippon Paint's Professional Painting Services.
Helper's room cum play area for the kids

Pre-painting site inspection

Alan, Nippon Paint's Project Manager for our painting project, came over to assess the conditions of the walls. He quickly pointed out the common problems we have and even spotted something which we didn't even know exist in our home!
What do you see on this bedroom ceiling?
Do you notice the tiny black speck at the joining of the ceiling and wall? That is actually a living thing!
A closer look under my microscope
It was a shock to see these pests which have been breeding on the walls in my helper's bedroom. Alan told me that these tiny insects (length about 1 mm) are booklice and they are commonly found in warm and moist conditions which are conducive for the growth of mould and mildew. The mould and mildew are their sources of food.

Booklice don't bite and they are not like head lice. They are generally harmless but they may cause skin irritation for some and are difficult to remove effectively. There are a couple of ways to eradicate booklice but since we were going to repaint the problematic areas, that would remove the thriving population.

Choosing the type and colour of paint

We decided to let L choose the colour for my helper's room since the plan is for him to occupy that room when he is developmentally ready to have his personal space. In the meantime, the room is also used as a playroom or when they need a space for doing their school video recording projects. 

L wanted black because he thinks it's cool but experienced Alan advised against that. He explained that the room colour will have an impact on our emotions and black might cause melancholy for some. 

I went with the sound advice of painting a darker tone on one wall which can also function as a feature wall to make the room more "cool" for L. 

If you need some inspiration to choose the most suitable colours, Nippon Paint's Colour Ideas helps you translate the same mood and feel from a photo you like. A photo of macarons uploaded on the website generates such sweet colours for your painting consideration. 

From macarons to room colour ideas

The next step was to choose the type of paint. With seven types of premium interior paints, it was an overwhelming decision to make. Fortunately, Alan went through each type of paint patiently and matched the most suitable paint for our family's needs. The Nippon Paint Odourless Medifresh was the best choice for us as it promises no paint odour, ultra low VOC (volatile organic compounds- one of my biggest concerns for repainting the house), and is free of ammonia, lead, mercury and heavy metals. Its durable and washable film makes cleaning accidental scribbles easier and has a 5-year warranty on its anti-bacterial property.
Types of paint used for our repainting project
Throughout the discussion, I kept asking if the type of paint I wanted comes with the colour I chose. From our experience with painting when we did our house renovations in 2003, selecting colours was difficult because each type of paint only came with a limited number of colours. Ha! Gone were those days! Now with Nippon Paint's colour creation machines, we can have any colour we wish from the colour chart as the paint is mixed with the colour dye of our choice and prepared on demand. How convenient!

The date of the painting was set about a week later. I can't wait to get rid of those booklice and to have a fresh look for the bedroom!

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