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Friday, December 16, 2016

It's that time of the year where our labelling work gets intensive. There are school books, bags, water bottles, wallets, pens, lunch boxes, uniforms, etc, to label before the new school term starts.  

Very often, name labels either fade easily or peel off with time, with some lasting only a few months. But with Stickerkid stickers, we found that those name labels we received two years ago are still in good condition! 

That is because: uses the highest quality material to provide you with the best possible stickers. We take great care in selecting the materials, papers, inks and machines used in completing your order. We took our time selecting the most malleable and flexible adhesive, allowing you to apply the stickers to any surface. Despite our extensive research, our adhesive does not work on Teflon. Our plastification consists of an extremely thin film, only a few dozen microns so as not to alter the flexibility of our stickers. But we use top-of-the-line material to ensure longevity in our product. Once applied, the sticker will resist the test of time for years. For our textile labels, we guarantee that they will withstand 45 machine washes at a temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. These labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant. -
I ordered the stickers from's website and within 24 hours, I received an email notification that the stickers were ready and off to the Swiss Post. Shipping to Singapore costs S$3 and is delivered directly to the letter box.

Other than the single items, offers personalised value packs that include all the essential stickers you need to label your belongings at the childcare, school or for a school camping trip. I've seen brands that offer cheaper value packs with more stickers included, but the disappointment comes when I realise the font and colour customisation applies to all the stickers in the pack, hence giving the same look. 

Unlike those brands, Stickerkid's value packs allow you to customise each type of sticker in terms of the wording, colours, font and picture logo. Best for kids (or mothers) who want a bit of everything! 
Choosing her own colours and picture logo
At this age, K is able to tell me which colour and picture logo she likes. She couldn't decide between a blue or a red background for her shoe stickers and if she likes ladybug or a princess better. I was amused while I watched how L helped her with the decision-making process.

The value packs also come with at least 30% savings! The extra savings can be channelled to fuel more coffee breaks for moms! Happy!
Various types of value packs from
Can I tell you how much I love Stickerkid's shoe stickers? I think this is such a clever idea especially for young kids, and our school-going kids. These stickers come in handy for popular brands/colours of shoes. I've seen two other friends' kids with the exact pair of shoes as K's, so the shoe stickers (and the amount of shoe dirt) help me identify her shoes more easily.
Customised shoe stickers for K
Name labels and Clothing labels from Stickerkid
Stickerkid also carries other decoration products, such as door stickers, wall decals and inspirational posters. With Christmas approaching, we added a cute Elephant door label on the kids' bedroom door and it instantly brought a more welcoming feel to the bedroom entrance. 
Elephant Door label
The door labels are made with high quality wave fabric which won't stretch. The name banner can be customised and there are a few colours to choose from, depending on which decal you choose. The door labels stick on all clean surfaces and are fully removable and repositionable. Do bear in mind that the door labels are not waterproof, so avoid any contact with water. Also, I had to tug a little harder to pull the sticker off the backing at some of the corners and resulted in jagged edges on a few of the stars and the bird's tail. 

We are very satisfied with our Stickerkid's personalised stickers and we hope you will too. Stickerkid is now offering a 10% discount to readers of Simply Lambchops on all Stickerkid products, valid from 14 Dec to 22 Dec 2016. Just quote the promo code below during checkout:


Note: discount is not applicable for promo items.

Have fun customising your own name stickers!

Disclaimer: We were given Stickerkid personalised stickers for the purpose of this review. Names on the stickers were edited for privacy reasons. No monetary compensation was given and all opinion are ours.

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